Career Support Evaluation
Career Support Evaluation 5.1

Your Natural Talents

You do a better job and become successful when you love your work.

This section highlights your natural workplace talents- the tasks that you pursue with passion. In selecting your dream career, don’t discard who you are. Take credit for what you do well. Be proud. Confront what you avoid without being defensive. Be strong.

Create a beautiful life. Align your dream career with your passions. If you don’t, you’ll feel stressed, waste time, and lose money. Invest in yourself. Make your career an expression of your natural talents

Managing Strengths & Weaknesses

Every great strength has a balancing weakness.

Your Favorite Colors show what you need to express to be yourself. Honor these strengths by not letting them become excessive.

Your Least Favorite Colors, on the other hand, determine what you try to avoid and emotionally suppress. Manage these hesitations by becoming proactive.

Choose to arrive at an exciting career choice. In confronting your core personality concerns, you’ll gain the power to stay on track and not let incidental things distract you from your goals. The information included in this section will support you along the way.

Balancing Your Power Moves

Whatever you’re not aware of runs your life.

Where are you Compulsive? Logical? Balanced? Intuitive? Or Emotional? In this section, you’ll become aware of the core energy behind each thought or action. Use this info as a way to erase unnecessary concerns and provoke clarity.

Then, use “Power Moves” as your guide. Are you being too forceful? Or avoiding- until the last minute? If you find yourself feeling a bit uncomfortable, there’s a reason. Listen to yourself. Learn where to slow down and rethink. And where to be more forthright. Success begins with a powerful command of your thoughts and actions.

Career Support Evaluation 5.1