Educator Speech Programs

“We’ve found returning American Troops from Iraq and Afghanistan can better overcome addictions when they have enthusiastic career goals” Susan Stammerjohan, LPC?Addictions Counselor, Kaiserslautern Hospital, GERMANY




The Color Of Money

Audience:       HR and Educators
Time:              55 Minutes

This highly animated, entertaining speech teaches hard, fast rules and innovative ways to create a successful career path. Pertinent questions and approaches, based on each attendee’s color choices, highlight talents, address weaknesses, and strengthen listening and communication skills.




Two Hours, One or Two Days

Audience:     HR and Educators
Time:         2 hours. One or Two Day



Career Guidance Innovations: Massive Impact, Minimum Time and Expense

Audience:     HR and Educators
Time:         Two day, one-day, half-day, and two-hour mini-workshop
By Dr. Rense Lange and Dewey SadkaWith minimum time and expense, this workshop offers take-back, well planned, facilitated tools that execute an innovative, comprehensive career guidance program. Doctor Rense Lange will discuss how to best evaluate an assessment’s reliability and predictability. He will additionally offer a world assessment expert summation.Technology-driven support can now guide even clueless students into decisions based on FACTS, not myths. For example, experience the Color Career Indicator 4.0 (CCI 4.0), with a 750,000-sample base, and accuracy level of 80.2%. This evaluation connects 1,000 actual job posting careers/niches with O*Net code links. Students gain the ability to mange on their own.Newly recommended assessments, student training methodology, and programs will give counselors the best capability to critically appraise which evaluation or resource offers the greatest student guidance. Also included are how to best use free resources, interactive interviews, workshops, résumé building/rating, and weekly call opportunities with top HR professionals.*AMERICAN COUNSELING ASSOCIATION ACCREDITED COURSE
Workshop was approved for graduate level professional development credit.Reference:  52nd EB-ACA Annual Fall Conference, Nov 2011
Schedule #: 11FA 81141


* Create a clear understanding of how to rate a career assessment—today’s most popular assessments used as examples.
* Provide a series of interactive career workshop programs, instructions and handouts redesigned in American Counseling Association workshops.
* Orchestrate take-back programs/handouts that gives students “street sense”—the knowhow to land a higher-paying, easier-to-get career, slam-dunk an interview, get a face-to-face interview, and build a resume that gets them hired.
* Institute a measurable, systematic reporting system that indicates bottom-line results—better grades, increased motivation and curriculum completion.
How will this session change organizational behavior?
Our workshop gives the counselor the capability to orchestrate proven career programs with a minimum amount of time and expense. Our extensive, street-sense knowhow gives real advice centered on the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics career database. Students gain the capability research and determine their best career path. Our process takes the student through a step-by-step job cycle program with tips, messages, and personal teleconferencing Q & A advice along the way.

Workshop Schedule

DAY ONE:                               Morning

0800—0830                          Workshop Overview
0830—1000                          Career Assessments: Reliability/Predictability Dr. Lange
10:00—10:15                        Discuss CCI 4.0 results. * Free Test E-mailed
10:15—10:30                        Break
10:30—10:45                        CCI 4.0 Overview
10:45—11:45                        Q & A Discussion with Dr. Lange
11:45—12:00                        Getting a Job Life Cycle: overview*12:00—13:00                         Lunch

DAY-ONE:                                Afternoon

13:00—14:00                         6 Steps to Getting a Job: Interactive student Quiz*
14:00—15:00                         Investigate the Job Market:  O*net Code Discussion*
15:00—15:15                         Break
15:15—16:00                         Identify a Career: Career Day Program*
16:00—17:00                         Setting Goals:  Career Business Plan*

DAY-TWO:                               Morning

0800—0830                           Review Discussion
0830—0915                           Selling Yourself: From Resume’s to Interviewing
0915—10:15                          Running the Numbers
10:15—10:30                         Break
10:30—12:00                         Getting Hired: Leadership 5.0 Test12:00—13:00                         Lunch

DAY-TWO:                              Afternoon

1300—1500                          Evaluation Open Discussion
15:00—15:15                        Break
15:15—1600                         Developing Career WorkshopsWorkshop available in one-day, half-day, and two-hour mini-workshop
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