How Colors You Hate Can Lead to a Job You Love

By Dewey Sadka

Did you know that the colors you like and dislike indicate your “Career Enjoyment Factor,” or your personality’s best career path? Consider these sometimes overlooked facts:

1. When you love what you do, you do a better job and get promoted.

2. Employers hire those who they believe will enjoy the day-to-day tasks. Don’t forget, their goal is to reduce expensive turnover and improve quality.

Get a success attitude

Right before an interview or presentation, isn’t your mind flooded with a power-surge of things you should and shouldn’t do?  Pay attention to those signals and let them be your guide. Allow your memories of success to boost your confidence and keep you on-track.

See yourself as an evolving individual moving towards success. Remember:

  1. Yes, you’ve made mistakes. Own them; and you can manage them.
  2. Yes, you’ve had successes. Be proud of them. Discuss them openly as facts, not feelings and you will be in command.
  3. No, you’re not there yet. So what? Move over world; you’re charging ahead.


No more job fit guessing

Guessing how your personality traits fit with an actual job posting is history.  The Dewey Color System now predicts your “Top 50 Most Enjoyable Careers” with scientifically valid, record-breaking accuracy.Try it now.

Which color do you like the least: Yellow, blue or red?

You like Yellow the least

What it means: You’re exceptionally goal-oriented and clearly grasp the objective at hand with determination and focus.

Success tip: Rushing a project with a “now or never” push can create a crisis. Slow down or later on an apology or redoing something will be your reward.

Interview power: Never wing it on an interview. Research before you go.

Avoid co-worker clash: Always start conversations from their point of view, not yours.

Best jobs for you: Wherever deadlines are essential; such as operations manager or medical doctor.

You like Blue the least

Your never-ending concerns about quality tweak things to a higher standard. Projects and goals become a rousing success.

Success tip: Challenge others to envision and discuss considerations in detail. Otherwise, your questions can be seen as disapproval or that you’re not a team player.

Interview power: Plan ahead. Create “why they need you” bullet points.

Avoid co-worker clash: Remember they want confirmation, not honest critiques.

Best jobs for you:  Unbiased, objectively works; such as editor, event planner, or quality control.

You like Red the least

Your natural curiosity reveals profound facts that bring forth invaluable, more thorough information. Keep your power and gain more contemplation time by not giving an immediate yes or no.

Success tip:Tell others you need to give the issue some thought and you will get back to him later with the specifics, a by-step action plan.

Interview power: Speak-up, be assertive, but not pushy. Tell them what you do well.

Avoid co-worker clash: When they bark orders, don’t be rebellious. Write it down.

Best jobs for you: Wherever thorough info is needed; such as researcher or computer technician.

Which color do you like the least: green, purple or orange?

You like Green the least

Your independent, responsible nature allows you to work for long periods of time without any support. You know how to build a strong team, even adopt co-workers as if they were your family.

Success tip: Pay attention to others’ dilemmas, especially when they don’t measure-up. Chances are they just can’t do it.

Interview power: Listen, what’s important to them? Discuss what they want to hear.

Avoid co-worker clash: Ask for support or don’t expect it. Otherwise, you’ll later blow a fuse.

Best jobs for you: Wherever follow-up is essential; such as business owner or sales.

You like Purple the least

Your methodical approach quickly, without any emotion, puts an end to assumptions or exaggerated facts. Information, which is now valid, can then be used to draw successful conclusions.

Success tip: Don’t avoid brainstorming your true career potential.  No it’s not venturing into uncharted waters or a waste of time and money.

Interview power: Open your mind to possibilities, even if it feels uncomfortable.

Avoid co-worker clash: Don’t reject new ideas until you’ve calculated risk and long-term income.

Best jobs for you: Methodical, logic-based careers such as accounting or finance.

You like Orange the least

Your concerned, considerate persona makes you the ultimate pleaser.  When the going gets tough, you work harder and harder.

Success tip: Under promise and over deliver by critically evaluating a project, in conjunction with other deadlines, before you commit.

Interview power: Don’t overreach. Focus on a “right now” job that will later deliver a “dream” career.

Avoid co-worker clash: Others only do well what they enjoy. Don’t expect otherwise.

Best jobs for you:  Consider pleasing occupations like customer service or PR.