How to Administer the CCI 4.1

How to Best Administer the CCI. 4.1

Q & A with Dewey Sadka, CEO Dewey Color System

Q. How does this work?
A. It took 15 years and millions to make it easy for you!

  • Asked users to select their current career by‐industry and by‐job description.
  • Each job category sample base contains only those who selected “Highly Enjoy.”
  • For example, Electrical Engineers that chose, “Highly Enjoy”
  • Evaluated the color preference data from 1,000 occupations, “Highly‐Enjoy”

sample bases, in order to match the best career fits for each test taker.

Are they taking responsibility for their future? Users need to ask themselves, “What do I enjoy?” If not, they won’t be able to embrace their future or this evaluation.

Q. What’s the best way to interpret the CCI 4.1?

A. Get them to review the “Category Listing”

Coach the candidate to view each skill as different day‐to‐day tasks. Their final score reflects them actually doing the job, not the myth of perceiving doing it.

  • Accounting shows that you are organized;
  • Operations Manager indicates that you work best in a management position;
  • Fashion Designer is an indication you enjoy turning ideas into usable
  • products.
  • Tell them to “Click on ‘More Info’ ⇒ ‘Nature of Work’ links.”

Q. What if they don’t like a listed occupation?
A. Do they know about the Career? Ask them for example, “Do you know what an Engineer does?”

Are they judging a career by one task? For example, being an accountant is a lot more than posting items to a ledger. Get them to see the evolving day‐to‐day tasks of each career path.

Q. What if their “Dream Career” is not on their list?

A. Their “Dream Career” could be a not listed skill. Our list has 172 listing; encompassing 1,000 niche/related occupations. It could be one of these! Check out O*Net Code’s related skills. Get them to read about their “Dream Career’s” occupational listing O*Net Code listing as well.

Q. What if their ego is wounded?

A. One ego deflating occupational listing can turn them off.

For instance, guys might find it offensive if Registered Nurse is listed. Point out the wide scope of the nursing profession. Specialties like anesthesiology, emergency room, etc. Discuss how a skill can be used as a stepping‐stone to more prestigious position.

Q. Already did that job and hated it?
A. If they have disliked the company, they might hate the listing.

Ask, “Would you enjoy doing your old job for a great/fun workplace?” On talk shows, call‐ins have had revelations that they love their career path after all!

Q. What if they have “lofty goals?”

A. Coach them on how to build a career path. Tell them, “Start small and learn the craft. Then move up! Those that start at the top, fall quickly to the bottom!” See Career Business Plan Handout.

Q. Can they do the Job?

A. Get them to click Training, Qualifications, and Advancement in their report.
Do they have the background, interest, and ability to do it? For extremely competitive jobs like actor, get them to click on Employment Overview. Actor, for example, states “Long Periods of Unemployment.” Will they fight or walk away? Both work!

Q. How can I get them excited?
A. Encourage them to find career niches. Tell them there will be more available

jobs, better pay and faster promotions. (Click on “Related Occupations.”)

Q. What if I need help?

A. Use the “More Info” Link next to each job description.

Click on one and review all that’s available. See below O*Net Code list which is also on their CCI 4.1 Report.