How to Slam Dunk an Interview: Body Language

Special to CareerPath® by Dewey Sadka

This article is fourth in a five-part series

All employers use certain practices to select their no. 1 candidate. Why not slam dunk your interview by learning how to win approval and be selected? You can practice on your own or create a role-play scenario: interviewer vs. jobseeker. It may sound a bit goofy–the idea of talking to a mirror or embarrassing yourself in front of a friend or relative–but it’s worth your time. Follow these five steps; it may very well mean hearing a “yes” instead of a “no!”

Step 4: Body language–It speaks before you do

Interviewers are experts at reading body language. Sometime it comes down to “I just didn’t feel good about hiring that person,” no explanation required.

  • Firm handshakes are essential: not a floppy grip, for certain; but good grief, not a bone-crusher, either! This is a greeting, not a contest.
  • Whatever you’re thinking, the interviewer is seeing in your body language. So think positive thoughts! Think why you like the job, why you want to join the company, and the many ways you’re qualified, and it will come out.
  • And, of course, be yourself. Be friendly and attentive. Or they’ll forget you when you walk out the door.
  • How to critique yourself/others: Test your handshake. Be honest with feedback. Have a mock interview and ask: is there positive, attentive energy? What about positive and progressive thoughts?

Author Dewey Sadka has been an employer in the US for over 25 years. He sold one of the nation’s largest staffing companies, Temp Force to the global staffing and HR company Randstad Holdings. Currently, Sadka creates career path clarity as career coach for AARP and inventor of the Color Career Indicator 4.0–now the world’s most reliable. Check out his advanced technological assessment and counseling support program at