How to Slam Dunk an Interview: Your Intro Sentence

Special to CareerPath® by Dewey Sadka

This article is second in a five-part series

All employers use certain practices to select their no. 1 candidate. Why not slam dunk your interview by learning how to win approval and be selected? You can practice on your own or create a role-play scenario: interviewer vs. jobseeker. It may sound a bit goofy–the idea of talking to a mirror or embarrassing yourself in front of a friend or relative–but it’s worth your time. Follow these five steps; it may very well mean hearing a “yes” instead of a “no!”

Step 2: Intro sentence — Who are you?
Your intro sentence, sometimes called an “elevator speech,” is hugely important to landing a job. The purpose of creating one and getting it down is so you can, with zero hesitation, instantly introduce the pertinent bits about yourself. To be sure, you must practice it ahead of time, but be prepared; it likely won’t come out the same way–ever. If you own the sentence as who you are, chances are it will come out better even than when you had practiced! (Not owning your career path? Click here: Color Career Indicator 4.1)

To start drafting your intro sentence, think:
– Why are you of value to the company? Explain your contribution.
– Why will your contribution benefit the company? Be specific.
– Use only one sentence. No run-on phrases! This isn’t your life story; it’s why the company needs you in particular.
– Finally, say it over and over until it becomes almost conversational and you can recite it with little effort.

EXAMPLE: “I’m a high-volume email marketer looking for an opportunity to invigorate a cross-channel marketing campaign and ultimately maximize revenue.”

How to critique yourself/others: Was the intro sincere? Was it about you or them? If it was all about you, you’re not bringing value to a job/situation and others won’t hear you.

Author Dewey Sadka has been an employer in the US for over 25 years. He sold one of the nation’s largest staffing companies, Temp Force to the global staffing and HR company Randstad Holdings. Currently, Sadka creates career path clarity as career coach for AARP and inventor of the Color Career Indicator 4.1 now the world’s most reliable. Check out his advanced technological assessment and counseling support program