How to Slam Dunk an Interview: Your Sales Pitch

Special to CareerPath® by Dewey Sadka

This article is third in a five-part series

All employers use certain practices to select their no. 1 candidate. Why not slam dunk your interview by learning how to win approval and be selected? You can practice on your own or create a role-play scenario: interviewer vs. jobseeker. It may sound a bit goofy–the idea of talking to a mirror or embarrassing yourself in front of a friend or relative–but it’s worth your time. Follow these five steps; it may very well mean hearing a “yes” instead of a “no!”

Step 3: Comeback sentence — Your sales pitch

After the interviewer replies, tell them your real contribution to them specifically. This phrase should be:

  • Why you are needed more than the others also being interviewed.
  • Make your pitch all about the organization; put it in their terms and context. (Protip: this is much easier if you research heavily before your interview.)
  • Finally, sell yourself; now is not the time for modest. Why are you their best choice? What unique elements do you contribute?

EXAMPLE: “I really enjoyed checking out your website. I could tell that I’d be a great fit with your company because I am also this, that, and the other. My experience as an X/my skills from Y/my knowledge of Z will help me uniquely solve the problems faced by this role.”

How to critique yourself/others: Make sentences short. Put it in industry- and company-specific terms and concepts. If you try and say two different benefits in one sentence, they won’t hear either one.

Author Dewey Sadka has been an employer in the US for over 25 years. He sold one of the nation’s largest staffing companies, Temp Force to the global staffing and HR company Randstad Holdings. Currently, Sadka creates career path clarity as career coach for AARP and inventor of the Color Career Indicator 4.0–now the world’s most reliable. Check out his advanced technological assessment and counseling support program at