How to Use the Profile-Connected Coaching Calendar

How to Use the Profile-Connected Coaching Calendar

Download the Dewey app from your Apple, Android, or Web device. Sign in. You’ll automatically receive the color quizzes and the Coaching Calendar.


Your Dewey Color System 5.1 profile will be auto-connected to send you customized Coaching Messages. It will tell when to double down on natural talent or slow down to manage a Life Lesson.

The Messages

The Calendar uses Nature’s Color Biorhythms©, time zone adjusted, to establish the knowledge integration of each calendar post.

The top section is a series of thought-provoking messages. As you read, stay focused on the bottom section’s Coaching Session’s message, not whether or not you believe the top section to be true. Use it to reflect on your thoughts as the moon waxes (Increases) and wanes (decreases).

Each posting has two profile indicators connected to the Customized Coaching Calendar. Pay special attention to your Coaching Session connection.

  • Today and Tomorrow- Top Section
  • Coaching Session– Bottom Section


There are three customized DCS 5.1 profile coaching indicators connected to each bi-daily post.

My Natural Talent- You Can Overdo

These colors determine what you most enjoy doing and do best. On these days, you have an empowering rhythm. Life is an adventure. You can feel things are going great, even if they aren’t. The more you like the color, the more you need to manage your passionate drive. Don’t overdo, waste time or resources.

My Common Sense- Balanced Viewpoints

These color choices indicate where you have the gift of objectivity. Unlike Natural Talents, however, you lack the push to implement.  Make a plan to get it done. Discuss considerations with friends and family or write it down. You need a little.

My Life Lesson- Emotional Focus

These colors determine what you emotionally avoid and suppress. Be aware. It’s also what you consider last or forget to do. If you feel a rush of emotions compelling you to act, stop. Take your time. Emotional reactions are not grounded. They create consequences.