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“The ‘Color of Money’ speech kept us laughing and touched everyone personally with up-beat, usable advice.” Andy Bjork, Gift & Home Trade Association

The Color Of Money

Audience:    Conventions, Companies
Time:           55 Minutes

Under pressure where do you, “Lose it, score big or overdo it?” Based on your color preference, this highly animated, entertaining speech teaches hard fast rules and innovative ways to maximize your potential. Using a scientifically valid system, you will experience how to better direct your strengthens and manage your weaknesses. Expect to walk away with profitable perspectives, improved listening and communication skills, and all-about-you money making techniques




A Whole Brain Approach to Improving Productivity and Revenue By Dewey Sadka and Les Adkins

Audience:      Companies, Sales Teams
Time:              4 hours or One Day

Increase your bottom-line by using the 21st century’s most accurate testing assessment.  This workshop’s non-verbal, interactive assessment combined with the Whole Brain instrument creates measurable team unity. Consider the saving from maximizing each employee’s strengths and minimizing their weaknesses beyond self-perception.

Precision Team Workshop Prep: Class Prerequisite one week before Workshop
* HBDI (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) Assessment                    90 Min
* E-learning course                                                                                               20 Min
* LEAD 5.0 Color Leadership Evaluation                                                           30 min

Day-One:  Group Seminar

8:30      Introduction: Program Goals                                                                30 Min

9:00      Getting What You Want Without Asking-Interactive Exercise        60 Min

10:00     Break                                                                                                       10 Min

10:10 Play Diversity: Interactive Exercise                                                         30 min

11:40 Left Brain/Right Brain: Whole Brain Model                                          60 Min

12:40 Lunch                                                                                                           40 Min

1:30 Guess Your Profile                                                                                       10 min

1:40 HBDI Profile Review                                                                                    30 Min

2:10 Exercise Quadrants/Colors                                                                        60 min

3:10 Break                                                                                                             10 Min

3:20 How they are going to use the info                                                          80 Min

4:40 Q & A

Day-Two: Private Coaching
Creating Long-Lasting Results         15 Execs (1 hour per person)

Two Day Workshop
5 to 10 employees                              $ 40,000
10 to 15 employees                            $ 48,000

Ask about our One-Day Workshop

Expenses: Travel expenses and accommodations

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