Nature’s Color Biorhythms©

The Coaching Calendar’s

Nature’s Color Biorhythms©


The biorhythm Coaching Calendar uses the movements of the sun and moon to identify energy vibrations. There are two primary energy cycles that affect you every day: the sun and moon cycles.


Moon Cycles

In this world of modern conveniences, it’s easy to forget the delicate balance of nature. For example, without the moon, the earth would spin eight times faster. Earth, as we know it, would become uninhabitable.


Ocean waves are highest during the full and new moon, and they constantly wax and wane with the magnetic pull of the moon. Many spiritual communities believe that our energy peaks on the full and new moon like ocean waves. 

The moon waxes (increases) towards the full moon for 14 ½ days each month and wanes (decreases) towards the new moon for 14 ½ days. The complete moon cycle is 29 ½ days.


The Daily Moon Cycle

Each Bi-daily cycle is approximately every two ¾   days.   The ecliptic line determines the calendar’s color connections, which measures the moon’s voyage around the earth. The sun’s color patterns were assigned to the moon cycle as well.

The path of a circle always follows the course of a larger circle.



NASA also uses ecliptic line measurements.