The Best Sales Job For Your Personality Type

Sales professionals are some of the most in-demand workers today. A survey conducted earlier this year by CareerBuilder, for example, found that half of employers are concerned about the shortage of sales skills at their organizations, up from 48 percent who reported the same in 2010.

Thinking about pursuing a career in information technology? It’s a smart choice – but where do you begin? With dozens of career paths in information technology – from programming and engineering jobs, to support and technician roles – it can be tough to determine which specialization is the right fit.

To help you figure out the best sales career path for your personality, we’ve divided some of the top jobs in sales into two categories: those that are best suited for extroverts and those that are better for introverts.

How Do You Score?

Listed below are the 10 most extroverted and 10 most introverted sales careers.

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