The Calendar uses Nature’s Color Biorhythms©, time zone adjusted, to establish the knowledge integration of each calendar post.

The top section is a series of thought-provoking messages. As you read, stay focused on the Coaching Session’s statement (bottom section), not whether or not you believe the top section to be accurate. Use it to reflect on your thoughts as the moon waxes (Increases) and wanes (decreases). Nature’s Color Biorhythms

Each posting has two profile indicators connected to the Customized Coaching Calendar. Pay special attention to your Coaching Session connection.

              • Today and Tomorrow- Top Section
              • Coaching Session– Bottom Section

Three customized DCS 5.1 profile coaching indicators connect to each bi-daily post.

My Natural Talent- You Can Overdo

These colors determine what you most enjoy doing and do best. These days, you have an empowering rhythm. Life is an adventure. You can feel things are going great, even if they aren’t. The more you like the color, the more you need to manage your passionate drive. Don’t overdo or waste time or resources.

My Common Sense- Balanced Viewpoints

These color choices indicate where you have the gift of objectivity. Unlike Natural Talents, however, you lack the push to implement. You need a little help. Make a plan to get it done. Discuss considerations with friends and family or write them down.

My Life Lesson- Emotional Focus

These color choices indicate where you have the gift of objectivity. Unlike Natural Talents, however, you lack the push. These colors determine what you emotionally avoid and suppress. Be aware. It’s also what you consider last or forget to do. If you feel a rush of emotions compelling you to act, stop. Take your time. Emotional reactions are not grounded. They create consequences. MORE INFO

Knowledge Integration Cycles

View below the step-by-step knowledge integration process used throughout the Customize Coaching Calendar. It includes one year of thoughts that will inspire your perspective and keep you on track.


After the New Moon, the moon waxes (increases) towards the Full Moon. Use the calendar to help determine “Where You’re Going” and “How to Survive and Succeed.”

0. Transform your Life

Consider how today’s new customized coaching session connects to your personality.  Is it Your Natural Talent-What You Overdo, Your Common Sense-Your Balanced Perspective or Your Life Lesson- How you emotionally react

1. Look Around

Based on your customized color connection, contemplate how you’re doing. Is your color choice pushing you forward-Natural Talents, balanced-Common Sense, or holding you back-Life Lessons?

2. Get an Agreement

Today and tomorrow, confront what is occurring in the world around you. Be courageous. Investigate within yourself, “What’s uncomfortable?” After considering the pros and cons, agree on a path forward. 

3. Be Clever

Your energy, like the colors, is disconnected. Use today and tomorrow’s objectivity to debate how to do or resolve something. Where do you feel tense?” Don’t rush. Let the truth unfold. If your color choice is a “Life Lesson,” you need more time to reflect.

4. Create Harmony

Today and tomorrow are action days. You can see how to resolve issues interfering with your day-to-day routines. Use today’s harmony to smooth over rough spots and create a more fulfilling life.

5. Be Inventive

These are your most creative days. Now is the time to imagine how you can make your future more fulfilling, fine-tune the direction you’re heading, resolve lingering issues and create opportunities. Find your missing puzzle pieces.

6. Win the Day Full Moon

Dwell on today’s conflicting perspectives. Feel your energy building. Get Angry. Tune into frustrations. Aren’t they directing you towards expressing something? Listen. Learn. Take action.

Just ME

After the Full Moon, the moon starts to wane (decrease).  During these next 14 ½ days, the Waning Moon Cycle supports you in resolving thoughts. “Are your self-expectations achievable? “Is what you want, what you need?”

1. Look Back

Today and tomorrow create uninterrupted time to think. Thoughtfully review where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Ask yourself, “How are you doing?” “Did you forget or leave something behind?” Reflect. Inspect. Reconsider.

2. Create Harmony

You can see clearly, how to resolve issues interfering with your daily thoughts. Don’t waste your efforts on dead-end situations. Go ahead. End what’s no longer supporting you. Life is short.

3. Be Clever

On these days, question your thoughts. Your energy, like the colors, is disconnected; you’re more objective. Encourage your internal debate to begin. Consider the value of past and future actions and resolve frustrating issues yourself.  Take the time to hear the pros and cons. Let them play out.

4. Look Inside Yourself

You can see clearly, how to resolve issues interfering with your thoughts.  Feel the harmony of what’s already working in your life. Agree within yourself, “What’s worth persevering and what’s without value?”

5. Be Honest

Confront your intense, thought-provoking frustrations. Know, they’re there for a reason. Confront them until you know what’s making them happen.  Stay engaged. As the new moon begins, you will feel the light.

6. Become Powerful New Moon

Create quiet time to feel the intense energy pushing you towards a better understanding of yourself. Listen to your thoughts. Hear who you are and what you need.


Change, of course, happens slowly, one well-digested thought after another. That’s precisely why we built the Coaching Calendar as part of the Dewey Color System 5.1. They will be here with constant advice, day after day, as you travel through life’s journey.

The Coaching Calendar’s

Nature’s Color Biorhythms©

The biorhythm Coaching Calendar uses the movements of the Sun and moon to identify energy vibrations. There are two primary energy cycles that affect you every day: the sun and moon cycles.

Moon Cycles

In this world of modern conveniences, it’s easy to forget the delicate balance of nature. For example, without the moon, the Earth would spin eight times faster. The Earth, as we know it, would become uninhabitable.

Ocean waves are highest during the full and new moon, and they constantly wax and wane with the magnetic pull of the moon. Many spiritual communities believe that our energy peaks on the full and new moon like ocean waves.

The full moon cycle is 29 ½ days. Within each month, the moon waxes (increases) towards the full moon 14 ½ days, and wanes (decreases) towards the new moon, 14 ½ days.

The Daily Moon Cycle

Each Bi-daily cycle is approximately every two ¾   days.   The ecliptic line determines the calendar’s color connections, which measures the moon’s voyage around the Earth. The Sun’s color patterns were assigned to the moon cycle as well.

The path of a circle always follows the path of a larger circle.


NASA also uses ecliptic line measurements.

The Sun’s Cycle

The tilt of the Earth’s axis triggers the seasons. As the Sun’s light increases and decreases, we used it to estimate each month’s color, and the light spectrum’s sequence establishes each month’s color.

Blue, the color shade of Spring and summer, is also the hottest star.  Red, Orange, and Yellow are much colder and are the spectrum color shades of fall and winter. *

 Blue                10,000 to 33,000 K,   Orange           3,700 to 5300 K, 

Yellow 5,200-6000 K             Red                 1,000 to 2,00O K, 

*Harvard Spectral Classification

March 21:      Spring Begins, The Vernal Equinox

The hottest sunlight is blue around March 21, the Vernal Equinox. It brings the birth of Spring displayed by Lime Green leaves and moderate balancing temperatures in Green, April/May.   Teal, May/June brings even hotter temperatures as Blue increases to 75%.

March/ April              Lime Green                25% Blue +               75% Yellow

April/May                  Green                          50% Blue +              50% Yellow

May/June                   Teal                             75% blue +              25% Yellow

June 20:         Summer Begins, The Summer Solstice

The Sun’s heat begins to increase in the northern hemisphere after June 20 as the Earth tilts towards the Sun.  The heat increases until it reaches purple, mid-September, with its balancing, Hot-50% Blue /Cold-50% Red, more moderate temperatures.

June/July                                Blue                           100% Blue

July/August                            Indigo            75% Blue+                 25% Red

August/September   Purple                        50% Blue+                 50% Red

See illustrations below. When it’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Temperature statements are based on moderate, not extreme, weather latitudes, not close to the equator or the poles.

Northern Hemisphere Illustration goes here, on Top


Southern Hemisphere Illustration goes here, on the bottom

September 22:         Fall Begins, the Autumnal Equinox

Fall begins with falling magenta leaves.  Experience the universe’s coldest stars, red, orange, and yellow, as they become more saturated each day until the winter solstice.

October/November  Red                             100% Red

Magenta/ September           Magenta                     75% Red +     Blue 25%

November/December          Red Orange               75% Red +     25% Yellow

December 21:          Winter Begins, The Winter Solstice

Around December 21, when the Earth tilts away from the Sun, winter is created in the northern hemisphere.   Notice how the weather becomes more temperate after February 18 as Red diminishes and Yellow, cooler than red, becomes 100%. The year comes to a close with the Vernal Equinox, March 21, the beginning of Spring.

December/January   Orange             50% Red +     50% Yellow

January/February      Gold                 25% Red +     75% Yellow

February/March      Yellow             100% Yellow.


“How Color Connects to the Calendar” is based on systematic observations in nature and scientific fact research. Observation, of course, can be the beginning of scientific research.

If you ever have a question about the universe, look to nature.

Albert Einstein

We don’t claim to be predicting your daily thoughts or mood. However, the Customized Coaching Calendar, Today and Tomorrow, top section, and Coaching Session, bottom section, connects directly to the Dewey Color System 5.1-Coaching Evaluation.

See our coaching method as a fresh, process-oriented approach to integrating logical thinking into your thoughts and actions. If you question yourself, not the system, you’ll receive more value from this coaching system.

Calendar Connection to Science

Constellations on YouTube

If you could see the stars during the day, you would see the stars move along a path from one constellation to another during a year. This line is called the ecliptic.  Most of the planets in our solar system, including the moon, move near the elliptical center. What makes the ecliptic line so useful is how it shows the plane of Earth’s orbit around the Sun. They’re on or near the same flat plane of the ecliptic circle.

The path of a circle always follows the path of a larger circle


NASA’S K2 uses the ecliptic line to search for exoplanets by measuring brightness. This line became the place to find exoplanets.