The Color Of Money

When you’re under pressure, where do you lose it, score big or overdo it? What you’re not aware of will run your life . . .  and cost you big bucks. You’ll fare much better in today’s competitive market, get promoted and land that great job by learning how to manage the way you communicate.

Powerful, self-conversations can also deliver your “dream” career. The world’s most accurate test,Your Top 50 Enjoyable Careers, will get you started. Its “More Info” link will also answer these money questions:

1. “Will the workplace be fun?” Got to love your job to be a success.
2. “Can I land a great career here?”  There’s got to be a new job opening.
3. “What’s going to be my income?” You need to afford a good lifestyle.

Experience the Dewey Color System’s all-about-you, “moneymaking techniques,” color preference quiz below to learn how to:

·Better direct your communication strengthens and manage your weaknesses.
·Improve listening skills and create profitable perspectives.

Here’s your chance to create success and maximize your potential by accepting and honoring your uniqueness.

Take the test. Start by ranking yellow, blue and red in the order of your preference. Then see what your preference means about the way you work.


1st: The Diplomat

  • Opens doors by speaking to others from their point-of-view. Can make clients, co-workers, or the boss hear you.
  • Don’t get immersed in others’ agendas or you’ll get off-track.

2nd: Best Need Assessor

  • Considers other’s point-of-view, but stays on-track.
  • Listens for exactly what’s needed to win.

3rd: The Taskmaster

  • Gets the job done by keeping goals on-track. Don’t rush or you will draw conclusions without knowing all needed facts.
  • You are all about results. You get things done! Always speak on their behalf, not yours, or they won’t hear you.


1stThe Visionary

  • Your exciting, cohesive vision of what lies ahead pulls plans together.
  • If you frown on criticism, others won’t tell you what you need to win.

2nd: Best Goal Appraiser

  • You carefully fact-find what’s important without overdoing it.
  • Balancing the big issues with the required resources is your talent.

3rd: The Critic

  • Your unbiased, worst-case-scenarios appraising make ideas work.
  • In tweaking things to a higher standard, others can see you as a non-team player.


1st: The Director

  • You manage well by delivering step-by-step, specific instructions.
  • Don’t micromanage, back off and you’ll make them think for themselves!

2nd The Great Delegator

  • You’re a great manager–giving good instructions, not over directing.
  • Mistakes happen. Don’t allow them to second-guess your capability.

3rd The Enigma

  • Your thorough researching capabilities reveal invaluable facts and information.
  • Don’t be pushed to give a right-away answer. Tell others, “I’ll get back to you.”


Repeat the steps above for the colors green, purple and orange.


1st: The Nurturer

  • Your nurturing, concerned listening allows others to recognize how to best support themselves.
  • Speak up or others will think you agree, even when you don’t.

2nd: Best Supporter

  • You know when to give support, but don’t go overboard. You can take care of yourself and others too.
  • Being too busy can make you over or under responsible to others. Create quiet time periods to stay on track.

3rd: The Soloist

  • You know how to build a strong team, even adopt co-workers as if they were your family.
  • Don’t try to fix everything. Learn to just listen.


1st: The Leader

  • You see powerful possibilities in how to solve problems and make money.
  • Don’t be discouraged when innovative suggestions are rejected. It simply takes others longer.

2nd The Best Brainstormer

  • You aren’t afraid to be original, but know when new ideas are off-track.
  • Under pressure, you might not share ideas, even when you know solutions.

3rd The Pragmatist

  • Your methodical, fact-based evaluation process quickly puts an end to all assumptions or exaggerated facts.
  • Be cautious. Just because it hasn’t been done, doesn’t mean it won’t be a rousing success.


1st: The Catalyst

  • Your critical, evaluating questions set reasonable deadlines and ensure mistakes are fixed.
  • Don’t go overboard! Just get the facts needed and move on. Or others will view you as negative.

2nd: The Operations Manager

  • You see cost overruns and unrealistic timelines and learn to work within them.
  • Get needed commitments, including deadlines, in writing or you’ll become frustrated.

3rd: The Charmer

  • When you feel good, your need to please others charms even the most jaded.
  • Learn to under promise and over deliver or you will work non-stop and still disappoint with missed deadlines.