Success Driven Coaching

Success Driven Coaching

Includes these programs:

Dewey Color System
Your Core Motivation Evaluation

Transform Your Life

The Dewey Color System reveals your self truth. It’s  what  you love to do and also what you do best. Discovering your core motivation will turn failures into success. Expect performance advice that generates enthusiasm and opens doors. Use it to:

1. Clarify goals and tasks that you’ll pursue with passion.
2. Improves success by maximizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses.
3. Empower success by knowing when to be more forthright or back off.

Profile Connected Calendar
Your Customized Coaching Program

24 Coaching Sessions

The Profile Connected Calendar connects to your DCS profile. Every 2 ½ days receive advice to move forward with “Natural Talents” or slow down with “Life Lessons”. It will boost your mood and expand your critical thinking skills.

 Expect to be inspired as you fine-tune who you are, what you want, and where you’re going. Twenty-Four (24) coaching sessions included. The Profile Connected Calendar will open your mind to solve problems, and boost your spirits to take on new challenges.

“Simply choose colors…and gain insight about your inner self without paying hefty fees for a real shrink… a legitimate psychological tool.”

-Jed Gottlieb, Tenley Woodman, Larry Katz and Michael Moratta – Boston Herald