Color Career Indicator 4.1

Color Career Indicator 4.1

Your Top 50 Most Enjoyable Careers
Expanded to 500+ with Related Jobs

Navigate Your Dream Career

You will receive:

  1. Your Top 50 Careers + 500+ related occupations.
  2. Job Market Info- all you’ll need to make a solid decision.
  3. Interactive Career Planner to guide you towards your dream career.

Discovering Your Most Enjoyable Careers

Looking for a fun career can be frustrating. Current career tests make assumptions, place you in one career category or ask you if you would like to do a job you know nothing about.  Of course, you really have to do a job to know if you’ll like it!

This is exactly why we built the Color Career Indicator 4.1. This test has no assumptions, only direct correlations. It recommends careers based on your core motivation.

750,000 Individuals Surveyed on

Asked users from 1,000 occupations if they enjoy their current career

Those who chose “strongly agree” were evaluated by color preference

Electrical Engineers with high job satisfaction, for example, created a career evaluation

This evaluation gives you the ability to learn from others. Don’t discount the fact that it appears so simple. This assessment took five years and millions to develop.  It won’t work however, if you don’t take the time to invest in yourself.

Investigating the Job Market

Follow the directions below to maximize your experience.

Click MORE INFO on a career listing that looks good.

  1. Is WHAT YOU DO enjoyable?
  2. Does the WORK ENVIRONMENT feel comfortable?
  3. Are you OK with the REQUIREMENTS?
  4. Is the PAY enough?
  5. Is the JOB OUTLOOK positive- more than 7%?
  6. Still interested? WATCH THE VIDEO.

These jobs can pay more and be more in demand. Repeat same advice as MORE INFO to investigate each potential career.

Building Your Career Planner

Use the Career Planner to better evaluate the pros and cons of each occupation.

  1. If a career sounds great, Click on MORE INFO and investigate. If you like it, click the BOX. Then, click ADD TO CAREER PLANNER. Continue adding more careers.
  2. Click on MORE JOBS if you like a listing, click on the BOX. Then click ADD TO CAREER PLANNER. Continue adding more careers.
  3. Go back and forth. ADD and DELETE on your career planner. Then, make a decision. CHOOSE YOUR DREAM CAREER.

Statistics have shown, no decision is the worst decision. So, make it your #1 goal to make a decision.

Your Top 50 Fun Careers


Color Career Indicator 4.1
+ Updated Job Statistics + Videos

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Your Top 50 Fun Careers
Color Career Indicator 4.1
Success Driven Coaching
Dewey Color System 5.1

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