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Q & A

A Color Career Indicator

Experience how our career tools empowers you to research,
on your own, your best career path. Then, guide you to success.

A. Review your occupational list, More Info, Video and More Jobs.

• Expand “Top 25 Most Enjoyable Occupations” list to 250 jobs with “More Jobs.”

• Next, build your “Career Planner” by clicking the box, next to your favorites.

• Target the higher paying jobs and those with a 7% + growth rate.

A. Keep an open mind. Check it out!

• With a 750,000-sample base, and an 82% accuracy rating, the CCI identifies actual occupational titles that you will enjoy.

• Unlike other career tests, you don’t have to interpret anything. Your top 25, most enjoyable careers are listed for you—including those careers that are beyond your job market knowledge.

• These are real-world jobs, listed on job posting sites.

You get what you inspect, not what you expect.

A. The “More Info” link gives all necessary resources to be successful.

• Receive job market facts, usable career information from a library of 30,000+ pages of updated statistics.

• Study the tasks involved in your “Top 25 Career Enjoyment” and “More Jobs”. listing’s titles, you’ll see patterns. Are they Healthcare, Management, Operations, Computer /Math, Design, or Education?

• Research thoroughly—before you waste time and money. Don’t find yourself in a job you hate.

A. Read the job descriptions

• Which jobs look fun, easy to do or learn? Consider how you will feel in doing the job.

• Is being immersed around people, running numbers to compile a solution, or supporting someone that needs your expertise exciting?

• Read in the Career Support Evaluation 5.1, “Your Natural Talents” and “Your Energy Type.” It defines what you most enjoy.

A. Why is it a turn-off?

ALREADY DID THE JOB? Did you dislike the company or the job?

LOOKS BORING? Entry level jobs can be mindless. What will the job experience give back? Is it worth it to get the better job?

DREAM CAREER NOT LISTED? Read about your top occupations. Are the duties similar? Read about your dream career at Support/invest in yourself. Then, click on Occupational Listing at the bottom of the page.

ME A NURSE? I’m a guy. Ugh Engineer? I’m a woman. Don’t let gender bias discount an opportunity. Being different can be a job market advantage.

SOUNDS UGH? Don’t judge an occupation until you have clicked on “More Info” ⇒Nature of Work” links. Think tasks, not occupational titles. Accounting = Organizing Facts; Operations Manager = Managing Tasks; Fashion Designer = Detailed Creativity. Professions are mostly misunderstood.

A. Make it a long-term goal.

• Take a job to get a job.

• Get a short-term experience building job. If you’re a student, take curriculum that will land a first job. List it on your resume.

• Use your career list to develop a career path, for example, Administrative Support > Manager > General Manager.

A. Who are you?

STUDENT/RE-ENTERING WORKFORCE? You need experience. Investigate where you can best get on-the-job training. Visualizing opportunities ahead is more than energizing. It will get you hired or better grades!

CAREER EXPERIENCED? Expand your job description availability list. Based on your current experience, explore the recommended careers best suited to build on your experience.
Use the “More Jobs” link! Find a niche in your field. Even if it requires additional training, you’ll receive more pay and more job-posting availability.

A. Make your resume a list of tasks performed.

• Make it simple and easy to read. Show them what you did each day.

• Employers will see what you can do, not where you have been.

• They will respect your past by seeing you as a disciplined, hardworking person that will do what it takes to get the job done.

A. Investigate. Investigate. Investigate.

• Read your report’s “More Info” to clarify available opportunities and each occupation. Follow the 6 Steps in How to Use. Don’t skip a step.

• Keep asking, “Is it fun” and “When trained, can I do the job?

• Use your “Career Planner” or you’ll get off track. Review over and over. Make sure you can win!

When you have a goal, obstacles are just interruptions!

A. Yes! All you need is a realistic dream

• Intentionally focusing on a dream career will generate opportunities and make it happen!!

• Companies hire those that are excited about their job-posting. They know that you will do a better job and not leave after you are trained.

• So, get career path clarity and you’ll get a job.

A. See finding your dream career as a journey.

• Get plenty of sleep. Wake up refreshed. Attack every day with a positive perspective. Don’t let phone interruptions or situations distract you.

• Be curious. Investigate every possibility. Believe in yourself!

• Tell friends and those you meet about your dream. Their questions, advice, referrals and leads will give back more than you give out.

A. Great!

• Maximize the Color Career Indicator experience. Click on How To Use

• Learn vital job search info. Map your job, step-by step at Career Support