As the CEO of a USA staffing company, I met thousands struggling, going nowhere.  Join us.  We’ll place you in command of your career choice destiny.


Running staffing companies for over 24 years, I came face-to-face
with thousands of Individuals just working to survive, stumbling to find an enjoyable career. My staff, many times, couldn’t hire them. Our client companies wanted individuals invested in doing their jobs.

Nevertheless, we interviewed thousands of these individuals and experienced their career and financial frustration. Regrettably, there wasn’t even a career test that we could recommend. Simply put, the career tests didn’t work. They needed a list of their top enjoyable occupations and the ability to learn about each one.

I was very fortunate; I always loved my job. Every day, I saw myself off on an adventure, fighting battle after battle. Having fun made me successful, and I wanted to give this opportunity to everyone.


The Color Career Indicator 4.1

Career language-based tests don’t work. It’s impossible to accurately match thousands of diverse job descriptions to a person’s profile. Traditional career language tests have two methods of accessing information.

  • Assuming career types from a language-based psychological personality assessment. An occupation is a complex list of duties, impossible to identify with assumptions.
  • Asking, “What careers do you think you’ll like?” is dysfunctional. What if you don’t know about the job?

The CCI 4.1 career list avoided these issues by validating directly against the O*Net career list, no language, no assumptions, all math.

The Dewey Color System 5.1.

Other tests disclose what you do, not why you do it. This biometric, non-language assessment goes beyond indicating your behavior. It supports you in assigning value to know what is worth wanting. It discloses your passions, your self-truth.

The Dewey Color System identifies your passions. They define your heart’s desire to lose yourself in something – a mission, a cause, to become a star, or be great. They are not the opposite of reason; they are the foundation of and contain wisdom the analytical brain can’t reach.


Your Top 50 Most Enjoyable Occupations

The Color Career Indicator 4.1 correlated against actual job descriptions. Our 750,000 Career Builder sample base is easily validated at 80.2, higher than all current career-based language tests.

Notice the job description grouping below. Our assessment linked these take-charge decision-maker types together.

  • CEO, Chief Executive Office
  • COO, Chief Operations Office
  • Child Services and Family Planning Counselor
  • Registered Nurse

Our career categories reflect core personality trait connections. Think, “What will you get back, day-by-day, from each career?” Perhaps, it’s the satisfaction of anchoring or supporting others, the feeling of accomplishment by building something, or the inspiration of solving problems. Understanding your core passion gives confidence and a clear direction forward.


Success Coaching Program

The Career Support Evaluation 5.1 + Profile Connected Coaching Calendar

Our coaching program duo creates better life decisions and keeps career goals on track.

The Dewey Color System 5.1 is a color biometric, beyond self-perception, explanation of your natural talents, strengths and weaknesses, and coaching advice on power moves. Understanding yourself fine-tunes goals and gives the power of objectivity. You’ll affirm what you most enjoy and remember what you avoid.


Success Doesn’t Come from Willingness.

It Comes from Listening to Yourself

The Profile Connected Coaching Calendar sends a thought-provoking message every 2 ½ days to fine-tune who you are, what you want, and where you’re going. Twenty-Four (24) coaching sessions, one year, included.


With the help of leading academic scholars, over 5,000 took rigorous tests in a clinical setting for the Career Support Evaluation and 750,000 on Career Builder for the Color Career Indicator 4.1. In so doing, we established color preference as a valid personality indicator. The entire process took eleven years.

Read further about our landmark statistical correlations, journal publications, and validations against all 16 personality factors compiled by Dr. Rense Lange.


Simply put, your subconscious mind is attracted to the colors that indicate your passionate pursuits and not attracted to colors that highlight issues you tend to avoid. Yellow, for example, is considered by some to be irritating. But if you are a person who prefers yellow, you will find it inspirational.

In an additional study, it’s now also proven that each hue in the Dewey Color System acts independently from adjoining to evoke a distinguishable personality trait. This hue energy, received through the pupil of your eye in varying wavelengths, has a physical quality you react to as a personal experience.

The Dewey Color System® allows you to learn about yourself without feeling the pain of personally invasive questions. Don’t let the fact that the color test is so easy and fast discount the truth of this system. Even DNA can now also identify your personality traits.


We used an original, symmetrical color imaging model to achieve the following.

– HUE BRILLIANCE: Since studies have proven the more vibrant the color, the more measurable the response, we constructed the Dewey Color System with the spectrum’s most brilliant color hues.

– HUE CLARITY:  Our symmetrical spectrum measurement system achieved, for example, a Blue with no red or yellow. The spectrum distance between each hue is measurable with one algorithm.

– ACHROMATIC COLORS: Black, white, and brown give depth to the evaluation.

Our color selection process ensured distinctive measurable responses.


Every language and nation can benefit from this evaluation’s extensive capabilities.
The Dewey Color System, through divisions of Random House, produced books and
other products in many languages with a best seller in Japan.

We passed around The Dewey Color System and it freaked us out with its accuracy …. without paying hefty fees for a real shrink!” —
Boston Herald, By Jed Gottlieb, Tenley Woodman, Larry Katz, Michael Marotta

But the potential of this world-first invention doesn’t stop there. Parents of children as young as four can now explore and support their child’s personality and even view career options. In a test, re-test, children answered the test with more accuracy than adults.


I want the assessment used to give children support. They are so resilient. All they need to know is why they feel a certain way. For example, a 12-year-old, victim of sex abuse, stated, “Is that all that’s wrong with me? I thought I was crazy.”


No, not significantly. We conducted a test/retest evaluation at Georgia State University as part of the validation process. Students within a three-month interval selected the same colors with a high statistical significance.

When you’re leaving home, getting married, having children, changing careers,
getting a divorce, your colors can change temporarily. For the most part, however, your colors change in varying degrees and not as dramatically as you might think. The Primaries: Yellow, Blue, and Red, Secondaries: Green, Purple, and Orange and
Achromatic Non-Colors: Black, White, and Brown categories areas rarely change long term, especially in the by-category test.


The test system still works with a few exceptions. Many of the genes involved in color vision are on the X male chromosomes, making color blindness more common in males than females. About 5–8 percent of males and less than 1 percent of females are color blind in some way or another, whether it be one color, a color combination, or another mutation.

The most common color-blindness is red and green. Our experience with these
individuals is that the test still works. It just takes them longer to take the test.


Cultural color bias can diminish test effectiveness. In China, for example, white, a color customarily used for funerals, is being worn by brides. Negative color imaging is disappearing as commerce becomes more global.

Color choices can also lose accuracy, especially with those that work with color. The test instructions diminish this issue, “Select the color you prefer to look at.” Initial choices can be hue choices.

Language tests lose their accuracy as well. Consider when a test taker has an
unrealistic self-perception or misinterprets a question. Many job applicants answer the questions that fit the job description. Companies are aware of this. Introverts can even appear to be salespersons.


I hope many will recognize their patterns of behavior on a deeper level
affirming what’s fun; test-takers become empowered to choose a successful career,
make better decisions, and live a more fulfilled life.

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